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Scientists Reach Milestone On Way To Artificial Life : NPR

20 May 2010 ... For the first time, scientists have synthesized DNA in the lab, put it into a cell,

Artificial Life , Inc. | Facebook

Artificial Life , Inc. - ALIFE has been a leading provider of broadband mobile

Artificial life research triggers concerns › Analysis (ABC Science)

10 Aug 2011 ... Could research into creating artificial life possibly be as dangerous as nuclear

Charlie Brooker | So, artificial life is here, courtesy of Craig Venter ...

24 May 2010 ... Charlie Brooker: And while were at it lets create crocodiles with breasts and

Scientists create artificial life - synthetic DNA that can self-replicate

21 May 2010 ... In one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent history, scientists have created a

BBC World Service - News - Scientists create artificial life

21 May 2010 ... Scientists in the US say theyve developed the worlds first synthetic organism. A

Breakthrough as artificial life is created

21 May 2010 ... SCIENTISTS have created artificial life for the first time. They have developed a

Nation & World | A step toward artificial life ; man-made DNA powers ...

20 May 2010 ... A step toward artificial life ; man-made DNA powers cell. Genome pioneer J. Craig

Scientists hail artificial life breakthrough | euronews, world news

21 May 2010 ... world news - Scientists in the US say they have made a major step towards

American scientist who created artificial life denies playing God ...

21 May 2010 ... Craig Venter, the American biologist who has created artificial life in a laboratory

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