Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 9, 2011

I. Introduction

Azytech Ltd. (“Azytech”) is the operator of the application All information shared with us and subsidiaries like (“Dnet”, “the Web Site”) is strictly confidential. Azytech is committed to protecting your privacy and is dedicated to maintain strict policies regarding the use of shared information.


All questions and/or concerns you might have regarding Azytech’s and Dnet’s use and treatment of information as per the following terms should be directed to You may also contact us via the mailing address:
Azytech Ltd
Arba Aratsot 23
62486 Tel Aviv - Israel


All services, information and terms as published on are offered by Azytech. Azytech’s privacy policy is designed to explain the ways in which Dnet collects information so you can make an informed decision on whether to us Dnet and the services (“the Services”) it provides. Please carefully read the terms of the following privacy policy prior to using any of the services available on Dnet. By using Dnet’s services or the services provided on any other Azytech site the collection and use of your information as described herein. Furthermore, the policies detailed herein apply to online information gathering and use as it pertains to and in no way entail offline information collection or use.

Neither shall Azytech Ltd., nor any of the Company’s other subsidiaries share, rent, sell or otherwise disseminate information disclosed through the use of to third parties in ways not detailed herein without first obtaining a user’s consent. Nor shall Azytech, and its several subsidiaries share personal identification information gathered from a user with Dnet’s advertisers unless otherwise explicitly authorized by the user sharing such information.

Age of Lawful Disclosure

The services offered by Azytech through are not intended for use of persons younger than 13 years of age (“Age of Lawful Disclosure”). Nor do Azytech and Dnet specifically cater its marketing or services to appeal to users younger than 13 years of age. Nor shall Azytech and Dnet knowingly collect information from users who have not reached the Age of Lawful Disclosure.

If you are under the age of 13 we request you desist from using the services Azytech offers on Moreover, should you believe we have erroneously collected information from a user who has not reached the Age of Lawful Disclosure, we ask that you contact us immediately regarding the issue at

II. Concerning Information Dnet Receives

By utilizing the services Azytech offers on Dnet individual users consent to the collection of their personal information (i.e., personal information shared with Dnet and/or Azytech may be used to identify and/or contact the disclosing individual), as well as anonymized or aggregated information. The collection of such data occurs both actively (when a user voluntarily submits such information to Dnet), or passively (when Dnet collects information from a user’s computer such as cookies, which are defined further bellow).

For all intents and purposes, “Active Collection” as it is used throughout this document in reference to Azytech’s online information collection practices shall refer to the Company’s gathering personally identifiable information from users when said users enter this information into provided fields provided on certain pages. For instance,’s “Sign Up” page requires a user provide a full name, e-mail address, company and postal code by typing this information into XHTML-generated fields in order to complete registration.

This information is then stored in a database so that, when the user later logs in, login information provided by the user may be compared to that stored in order to confirm that user’s identity and recall that user’s preferences. Should a user choose to withhold such information when attempting to sign up Dnet’s software will not allow her to create an account. Similarly, should a user send an e-mail to address on’s server, Azytech reserves the right to store the information contained therein. The same is valid when signing up through the social network Facebook. For more detailed information please read section 3, Social Networking Application.

In contrast, “Passive Collection” as it is used throughout this document in reference to Azytech’s online information collection practices shall refer to the Company’s using certain software to automatically gather information about users and their computers. Information collected in this way may include, but is not limited to, users’ Internet addresses, browser types, operating software, etc. Software used to this end shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. “cookies”
2. log files
3. a social networking application

1. “Cookies”

“Cookies” refer to information stored on a users hard drive. Cookies do not identify any personal information about the user on whose computer they reside. Rather, they record the user’s path to Azytech collects this information for security purposed, as well as to enhance a user’s browsing experience while she is visiting by presenting information akin to that her cookies indicate she has displayed an interest in. It is not mandatory that a user store cookies on her hard drive, and she may block, erase or instruct her Web browser to provide warnings of cookies. To perform any of these operations requires a user adjust her Web browser’s settings. She may do so by performing operations as indicated by the browser’s instructions.

Should a user choose to reject or disable cookies in any way she may still use However, use of some services provided on certain pages of the Web site may be limited as a result. For example, the user might not receive promotional and product information from Azytech present on the basis on her interests as would otherwise be indicated by cookies should she disable cookies.

2. Log Files

Azytech’s use of Log Files refers to’s collection of information about its users by storing their IP addresses. This information is then used to administer the Web site, analyze trends, track users’ movements, and gather demographic information for aggregate use in developing marketing strategies. No personally identifiable information is linked to IP addresses.

3. Social Networking Application

When a user registers for an account on, the account will be linked with her social networking account on Facebook. However, the application is the property of Azytech and Facebook is not liable for it. The application that provides this service will then not only gather information that the user provides directly, but to operate properly it must also collect information provided by the above-named social networking Web site. Specific kinds of aggregate information may then be made public on in a purely anonymous way. Dnet offers an easy accessible sign out button where a user can decide to sign out of the site. Furthermore, the application can be deleted directly via Facebook. For more information regarding deletion or cancelation please read section VI. How to Correct and Update Information Collected by

How Azytech Uses the Information Collected From Users

Upon receiving information from users becomes the sole owner of that information; by using users are therefore legally granting Azytech permission to retain any information users give the company access to. Upon request from a User to deleted his account, the information gathered through the Facebook application will be deleted by Dnet.

Specific Uses of Information Collected from Users

Personal information users provide Azytech by accessing’s services may be used by Azytech in the following ways:

To contact a user about her use of or about’s services; To respond to comments and/or requests a user makes using Azytech services on that facilitate such communications;
To ask for feedback from a user about her use of in order to further develop its services and improve on the Web site, its products and its services generally;
To aid Azytech in developing marketing/promotional strategies; and To aid Azytech in providing the specific service a user provided the information in order to access and to aid Azytech in otherwise providing all services as described on’s Terms of Service Agreement.

Example of Information Usage as Outlined Above

As an example of Azytech’s use of information it collects from’s users, consider the following scenario: A user who registers for an account with shall receive an automatically generated e-mail that allows the user to verify her e-mail address and chosen password. After this completing this verification process, Azytech may occasionally use information collected concerning the user’s e-mail address to send that user information about special promotions, services and products. Azytech also reserves the right to use collected e-mail address information voluntarily provided by a user to send the user updates concerning new services available on

III. Information Collected from Users That Azytech Shares with Third Parties

Azytech shall not share with third parties any information it collects from users except anonymous aggregate information. This information in no way identifies or permits contact with users without their explicit legal consent. Included in the kinds of information collected from users that shall be classified as “Aggregate” are the kinds of information individual users access and the ways in which they use, information about their geographical locations when accessing, information about their operating systems and similar information.

Does Azytech Disseminate Personal Information It Gathers from Users?

No. Azytech shall not buy, sell, share or otherwise disseminate to any third party any personal information it gathers from’s users in ways different from those detailed in this document.

Concerning Dissemination of Personal Information for Provision of Services

An exception to the above statement shall be made in cases in which Azytech engages contractors to aid in its development and/or provision of services on That is, should Azytech, for instance, engage independent contractors, service providers and/or consultants in order to assist it in providing the services offered on Azytech reserves the right to share personal information users share with the company with these parties in order to better facilitate’s provision of services. Azytech may also partner with other parties in order to expand the services offered on

In Consideration of the Law and To Protect Legal Rights

Azytech reserves the right to disclose to third parties personal information it gathers from users under circumstances in which the company is required to do so by law or if, in the company’s good faith judgment, such disclosure is reasonably necessary in order to comply with legal directives, such as responding to directives and claims, or to protect the rights of Azytech, its customers or the public.

Concerning a Transfer of’s Ownership

In any case that ownership of changes due to sale or simple change of ownership, Azytech reserves the right to transfer all information it has collected from users to that point to’s new owner(s) to facilitate a continuation of services. Should ownership of change the Web site’s new owner shall be bound by the same privacy policy as set forth herein upon the execution of sale or change of ownership.

Concerning Disclosure to Direct Marketers, Etc.

Except as set forth herein, Azytech shall not share any information gathered from users, such as e-mail addresses, with third parties, including but not limited to direct marketers.

IV. Steps Azytech Shall Take to Protect Users’ Privacy

In the service of providing the utmost security for the personal information of’s users Azytech has put several technological measures in place. Foremost of these is’s secure-server connection for logins and top-notch security software protecting all data stored on’s general server space. Secondly, Azytech encourages users to report security violations to’s administrators at Some risks, however, are inherent in the information-sharing process. Therefore, please be aware that no number of security measures will be sufficient to make this process 100 percent safe. Nor can Azytech ensure that the server space’s data are stored on is completely inaccessible. Not only can Azytech not control or take responsibility for the actions of users you might interact with while using’s services, but the company also cannot ensure only authorized persons will have access to your information. Nor can the company ensure that information you share with it using will remain out of the public eye due to the interferences and illegal activities of individuals and groups of hackers.

Azytech therefore takes no responsibility for unauthorized disclosures to third parties that circumvent the security measures the company has implemented to safeguard information users share in the course of using’s services. Furthermore, the company advises users use common-sense security measures of their own to ensure the safety of their information. Among such measures user may implement themselves are the creation of strong passwords for their accounts that combine long character strings of both numbers and letters with the use of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Users are also advised to use different passwords and usernames for each Web site they keep an account on, to change their passwords frequently and to install the latest versions of their anti-virus software packages.

V. How to Correct and Update Information Collected by

Editing Your Profile’s social networking application allows users to change or remove information they add to their profiles at any time. Should you wish to no longer receive promotional information from and/or Azytech, and wish to also withdraw your permission to allow Azytech to use your personally identifiable information, you may cancel your account with by address your cancelation directly to Azytech. Azytech does not require users complete any transactions or avail themselves of any services to have their accounts deleted.


To correct personal contact information shared with users must contact us via e-mail at Azytech’s staff will attempt to correct and/or update users’ information to the extent that users provide the necessary information.

Removal Limitations

Information users share with Azytech might remain viewable on Web sites other than and may be stored in databases other than those existing on Azytech servers even after it has been removed from’s servers and other databases associated with Azytech. This is especially true for users who take advantage of’s Facebook application, which allows them to share information with both Facebook and simultaneously. In such cases, users who have utilized’s Facebook application then later requested their profiles’ removal from Azytech’s databases will find their names and personal information no longer stored on servers controlled or belonging to Azytech.

Even after an account’s termination, however, Azytech may retain some information the account’s user provided prior to the account’s termination to help prevent identity theft, misuse of’s services or other misconduct. Those who use the services of third-party Web sites and applications in combination with the services offered by they must remember these other Web sites may retain the information provided them to the extent permitted according to their Terms of Use and Privacy policies. Yet such Web sites will not have access to any information users who terminate their accounts shared with Azytech.

VI. Further Information Pertaining to

Policy Compliance

Those who feel Azytech has not complied with the terms of’s privacy policy as set down herein may voice their concerns by e-mailing

Concerning’s Privacy Policy’s privacy policy as set down herein pertains solely to and no other Web sites.

Furthermore, please be advised that may contain links to other Web sites and that Azytech accepts no responsibility for the content, information use or privacy policies of such sites. Consequently, users should be cautious when visiting third-party sites links to, reading the full privacy policy of such sites prior to providing them with personal information.


The preceding privacy policy pertains solely to Azytech and, as well as the information Azytech may collect from users of

Privacy Policy Changes

The update date at the beginning of the Privacy Policy page indicates the latest date changes were made. Azytech reserves the right to modify’s privacy policies for as long as remains the property of Azytech. As such, users are advised to read’s privacy policy often. Use of after the posting of such changes shall constitute acceptance of all standing policies.

Again, users are strongly encourage to review’s privacy policy regularly in order to understand what information Azytech collects through administering’s services, as well as how Azytech intends to use the personal information it collects from users. The policies contained herein apply to anyone who uses’s services (“Users”).